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Oct 12, 2020

Everyone talks about how Mercury Retrograde sucks. However, in my experience, if you embrace MRx with open arms you can actually use it to your advantage. In today's episode I am sharing how to navigate this MRx, how I transformed my life last MRx and what you can do to breeze through this MRx season. 

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Oct 7, 2020

In today's episode I am sharing the NO FAIL way to create absolutely killer content every time! 

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Aug 21, 2020

This simple nighttime ritual has completely changed the game for me. 

Learn my secrets of manifestation and mastering the art of the universe in House of Bliss

Here are the 4 simple steps to having a HIGH VIBE HOME

Jul 11, 2020

In today's episode we are discussing how you can go within to find all the answers you may be seeking, cultivate spiritual friendships & trust that the universe has your back. 


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Jun 5, 2020

My favorite soul sister, Jo Placencio, from Peace Love Glam blog opens her heart with us and shares her journey to building a huge social media following by setting her soul on fire! 

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